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Lauren Cohen constructs an artistic universe where control, power, sexuality and violence are recurring themes. The forming of "the other" within any given society is at the core of her research. Having grown up (and out) of Puritan New England, she connects historical events and characters to her own growth and development in order to form fictional mythologies. 

By superimposing symbols, memories, reinventions and artifacts of other eras and peoples onto contemporary ones and vice versa, she often stages figures and objects like props on a set. Cohen and her creations go through a process of existential inquiry, often illustrating the horrors of humanity. However, hope exists in her work as something closer to the word’s origins: a curve (or bend). As the artist shifts and changes, so does her work. 

Cohen has been drawing a naked cartoon version of herself experiencing life and all of its challenges since moving to New York in 2018. She has produced four graphic novels that depict the trials and travails of a female artist’s journey and her character grapples with the idea of success and existence. 


Cohen gathers the content for her paintings, sculpture, graphic novels and comedic performances by documenting a constructed life that seem to blur truth and fiction. Her various job positions become direct sources of inspiration in her work. She was formerly a cue card girl for NBC's Saturday Night Live and currently a Gallerina at an art gallery in Chelsea. Her fourth graphic novel, “The Invisible Cue Card Girl” is complete and was released in April, 2024. Cohen’s fifth novel, “Gallerina”, is in progress.



4/27/24 - 6/2/24 "Serendipity Sky" ArtPort, Kingston, NY

4/11/24 - 9/15/24 "American Dream" The Elusive Promise of the Pursuit of Happiness. Curated by Yellow Cat Gallery at Raynham Hall Museum (30 W Main St, Oyster Bay)

7/18/2024 - 7/21/2024 "Brian's Wieners" at KinoSaito and Camp KingstonUPAW (Upstate Art Weekend) 2024 


4/9/2024 Artist Talk: "A Conversation on Humor, Vulnerability, and the Shaping of Narratives" & Book Launch: "The Invisible Cue Card Girl" 6:30PM at Powerhouse Arts, Gowanus, NY

Followed by an after party at local bar 8:15PM - Late, Dirty Precious

3/8 - 3/30 2024 "Nice Meats" GHOST MACHINE, 

New York, NY

Felix Art Fair, LA - Voloshyn Gallery, room #1206 2/28 - 3/3 2024

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