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Brian's Estate Sale

In the depths of her emotional solitude during the pandemic, artist Lauren Cohen embarked on a creative venture, making fictional characters who are in pursuit of finding love. Brian emerged as a composite embodiment of all that Cohen cherishes and fears in the opposite sex and in herself. Rooted in her personal odyssey to mend deep-seated traumas, the artist explored love’s intricate dynamics.


For the 2023 SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Cohen’s character, Brian, had an estate sale. There were over 100 ceramic household objects, each imbued with the essence of Brian. Visitors were invited to rummage through various oddities that had been born out of the interior spaces of the artist’s psyche. A range of Brian’s collections were on display. Brian, a single man over 50, turned to the comforts of processed meats and strategy games to cope with his lack of companionship. He loved Martha Stewart, Food and Wine magazine, men’s butts and cooking, but never had anyone to share his life with. Despite truly believing that love exists, he remained frustrated by his loneliness. The estate sale boasted many unique items: a collection of heart-shaped-rocks that Brian found on solo hikes, a grouping of sporks, games, an “ass” ash tray, plate ware, tea sets that had a striking resemblance to Brian and his deceased German Shepherd dog and a ceramic glock pistol that looked like ground beef. The artist saw parallels in her own desires and flaws and worried about the sadness that this imaginary man had felt. 


Within the realm of material possessions, the adage of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” resounded with profound truth, reminding viewers of the innate subjectivity that governs our perception of worth. No one knew if Brian was dead or alive during the sale, which lead people to question what humans create, collect or value during their lifetime.

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