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Details about the Holiday Charcuterie Booth can be found HERE.


December 2nd and 3rd

December 9th and 10th

December 16th and 17th

SPRING / BREAK Art Show 2023,

"Brian's Estate Sale" solo booth 1027,

curated by Field Projects: September 6th - December 11th


BravinLee Ceramics Show:

Oct. 19 - Nov. 11


Wassaic Project: Oct. 27 - Nov. 11 2023

The Today Show: Gift Guide!

Brian's Yard Sale at Mother In Law's curated by Field Projects 

July 21 - September 4th 2023

Film Premiere, Department of Film atThe Museum of Modern Art, New York

 "The Fisherman" May 24th 2023

2/8/23 - 2/23/23

Group Show, Paroxysm, Westbeth Gallery, NYC

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